Fiscal Responsibility

As a province, we must return to balanced budgets. Budget deficits create economic uncertainty, discourage investment, result in higher borrowing costs, and ultimately steal from future generations.

Wealth Creation for the Benefit of all Albertans

At a time when our neighbours to the south are lowering tax rates, Alberta must lower its corporate and personal tax rates and eliminate the carbon tax. This is key to attracting investment and ensuring our farms and businesses are competitive. These two factors are vital ingredients in job creation.

Energy Infrastructure

Increased pipeline capacity that safely transports our energy products to tide water and international markets, as well as other customers within Canada and North America, must be completed.

Business Regulatory Environment

Our business regulatory environment must be globally competitive, predictable, and should encourage innovation and investment.

Local and Regional Transportation Infrastructure

Local transportation projects such as the twinning of Highway 40 must be a high priority for the province.


Our education system should continue to focus on excellence in the foundational disciplines of numeracy, literacy, history, and the sciences. Parents should have school choice options that include public, private, charter, and home school.


Health Care

Alberta has excellent health care providers. However, if we are to provide first world health care to future generations, every option or combination of options, within the context of universal health care, must be considered.